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How Dare President Obama Act Like He's The President?!


Now that the looming sequester cuts that were the compelling force in 2011′s budget fight are approaching, of course President Obama is going on the road to take his message to the people. He’s attempting to use public pressure to move the Republicans in his direction. It’s nothing new, nor is it surprising or even a guarantee of success for his agenda. But show me a president who doesn’t use his bully pulpit and I’ll show you a worthless politician. The entire reason people run for the office of the presidency is to use the bully pulpit. Being the president means getting to use the loudest megaphone out there. It doesn’t always guarantee success, but it’s still important that the president try to reach the people. The people, after all, are the ones who every politician, regardless of political party, are supposed to represent. A president who isn’t compelled to connect with the people by way of the bully pulpit has no business occupying the bully pulpit in the first place.”

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